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CEO's Message

Chief Concerns

My home state of Maine is well-known, among other things, for its manufacturing of wood products. What you may not know about this process is that the waterways were historically used to float the logs to the pulp mills for processing. Chained logs helped to group and push the huge beams downstream; so, water was vital to the manufacturing process in Maine, just as it is vital to our farmers and ranchers here in Kansas today.

During our current drought in Kansas, it seems that every drop of rain is utilized to its maximum potential. In many ways, healthcare is also mirroring our drought situation in that, every angle of potential revenue is explored, every cost-control measure is employed and every dollar is utilized to its maximum potential. ECMC has been and will continue to be faithful to steward the resources provided to sustain the mission and the work of providing healthcare services to the Ellsworth County area communities.

Providing healthcare is an on-going financial challenge and the "waterways" are very congested with workforce shortages, technological requirements, regulatory burdens, etc. But as we optimize the financial resources we've been provided and navigate the "waterways," know that we are very appreciative of all sources of our funding. So our thanks go out to the work of the Auxiliary, the Healthcare Foundation, the generosity of all donors, and the support of our local County Commissioners and their appointed Board of Directors. They enable us to have the equipment and services needed. Lastly and most important to our ability to maintain and enhance our healthcare services, is our excellent staff. Our staff give tirelessly of themselves to ensure that care is provided with excellence, because you are our... Chief Concern.


Roger A. Masse, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer for ECMC
Ellsworth County Medical Center